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Whetherill Park To Tomingley Gold Mines Hot Shot Delivery

Orange To Tomingley

Upon our many travels and hot shot delivery services, we often get called upon to carry out same day delivery services to mines or mining towns.

In this instance, we were called upon to carry out a hot shot delivery from Wetherill park to Tomingley gold mines on behalf of another freight carrier service.

These hot shot delivery requirements often come through at the worst of times or when you least expect them.

This one came through approximately at 14:30 when we just getting ready to call it quits for the day. Jason often uses our emergency freight service and in most cases, they are usually just light items to anything that will go into a two tonne van.

I have to admit our two-tonne van may be old but it will get deliveries from Perth to Sydney done without a hiccup.You just can not beat preventative maintenance when it comes to reliability.

The item being delivered in this case was a five kilo pump. It is incredible. Something as small as this goes down and it can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars per day as long as it is down and companies will pay to have this delivered pronto. The biggest perk of doing deliveries like this is that you get paid to see the sights and beauty of this country of ours.

12 Hour Round Delivery

Most hot shot delivery jobs usually do take around a 12 hour time period to complete.

This hot shot delivery through early afternoon and by the time the goods were ready for pick it was around four thirty in the afternoon.

Pick up was at five thirty in the afternoon and from there on it was off to Tomingley gold mines.

There was nothing in particular about the job itself. Doinga pick up and doing a same day delivery to Tomingley is pretty straight forward

Most times though items are not usually this small but when it comes to freight forwarding, freight can vary in any size from an envelope to a pallet and over. Today’s delivery was just a five kilo box.

The previous delivery to Newcastle was actually two pallets weighing in at 2 tonne for the both.

This required two separate trips to accomplish effectively because the vehicle could not handle the weight in one trip.

Most jobs like this run into the thousand dollar plus markregardless of the iten being delivered. It matters not that it is an enevelope or a pallet, prices are pretty much the same. These are not same day delivery services designed to be cost effective but to save client contracts instead.

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